Modification kits for the 125 MAX engine to cover the complete palette – from the entrance level to the top level of karting. With minor upgrades, the Micro MAX can be converted to a Mini MAX, Junior MAX and even a MAX – a concept that offers the owner one engine for an entire kart racing career.

When BRP started its kart engine business in the 1980s, the company dominated the market because of its extensive experience in high performance 2-stroke engines. Rotax engines won the most kart racing titles – and still leads the list of overall championship titles. At this time, there was a clear split between development and production (BRP-Rotax) and sales & marketing (one distributor was responsible for all markets). The high level of competition in the market required the continuous development of Rotax 100 cc kart engines that increased the cost and limited the market potential.

Stop or Go

In 1995, the company needed to make a strategic decision – either move ahead with the kart business or stop completely. To fulfill the customer’s needs, it was necessary to develop a completely new engine technology: easy to handle, less maintenance, technical continuity and durability - all this to keep the costs for the sport under control. The company decided to move ahead and set standards by launching a new engine concept in 1997, based on its extensive experience of 2-stroke technology for recreational applications: the Rotax 125 MAX engine with numerous new features for the karting world.

In 2002 BRP launched the 125 MAX DD2 engine with direct drive (no chain) in combination with a two-speed gearbox (operated by means of shift paddles on the steering wheel) to continue its pathway towards low maintenance as well as challenging products.